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Treating Bell's Palsy with Chiropractic Care

Bell's Palsy affects quite a significant number of people, and it can make life close to impossible. The condition comes with debilitating pain, and even though it is a temporary condition, it needs a lot of therapy to manage. The good thing is that with the right chiropractic treatment, it is possible to get complete recovery within six months of the initial diagnosis. The following guidelines should help you understand how to manage Bell's palsy with chiropractic care.

Diagnosing Bell's Palsy

Bells Palsy is normally caused by trauma to the face. The condition is the direct result of damage to the facial nerves. Bell's Palsy occurs suddenly, and it can cause symptoms such as one side of the face drooping. At times, the condition might even cause both sides of the face to droop. In case you have been in an accident, or you experienced trauma to the face in the recent past, and you suspect that you may be suffering from the condition, you should think about getting a proper diagnosis so that a treatment course can be mapped out for you.

How a chiropractor will help

The other treatment alternatives which exist for Bell's Palsy include the use of steroids, and at times even surgery. These treatment alternatives are largely invasive, which means that the side effects are also many. However, when you decide to opt for alternative treatments such as chiropractic, you will avoid all the possible side effects of the conventional treatment.

The treatment method

What the chiropractor aims to do with the chiropractic treatment is to manipulate your facial nerves and other parts of the body which are thought to be contributing to the loss of feeling in the droopy side of the face. The focus of the treatment will be to restore movement on the side of the face which is immobile and recondition the facial muscles so that you can open and close your mouth successfully. The treatment is done in stages, and through the process, the chiropractor gauges the progress so that they can improve your treatment course.

Treating Bell's Palsy is possible, but only when it is done with the right chiropractic intervention. It is also recommended that you follow up on the entire treatment process because then, the journey to recovery will be manageable for you. Finally, before engaging any chiropractor in the treatment process, make sure that you have checked their credentials and track record to ascertain that they are the best.

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