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How Can Hot and Cold Stones Help You with That Migraine?

Have you been suffering from migraines or tension headaches a lot recently? This can be very debilitating, to put it mildly, and you may not know the reason behind these frequent attacks. However, it could be due to the levels of stress that you are enduring in your personal or business life, and when these levels get past a certain point, there is often a physical manifestation. What is the answer here? One of your first tasks should be to book yourself in for a visit to your chiropractor so you can receive some remedial massage therapy. Go one step further, however, and ask the expert if they can introduce a treatment that involves the use of both hot and cold stones. How can these help you?

The New Approach

You've probably heard of remediable massage as a way of reducing muscle tension and loosening up your body to great effect. Practitioners often use their knuckles and elbows to facilitate this process, but recently many experts have been turning to an advanced technique using hot stone fusion interspersed with cold therapy.

Dealing With Inflammation

The objective must be to relax any distressed or knotted muscles, and hot stones are perfect when it comes to compression work and dealing with rampant inflammation.

Hot and Cold Therapy

The procedure involves the use of both hot and cold stones in turn, which can really reduce inflammation in the upper trapezius muscles or in the shoulder area, key trigger points for tension headaches and migraines. The warmth from the hot stones permeates the skin and begins the process, but it is when the cold stones are introduced that the magic really happens.

Flushing the Toxins

When the cold stones are applied to the inflammation site, this can help to lower the temperature and reduce the immediate pain. When the hot stones are then reapplied, this can cause the blood to rush to the area and flush the toxins away in the process. The practitioner will then repeat this approach to help accelerate the repair and get rid of the inflammation for good.

Making a Move

Don't suffer in silence any longer than you have to, especially if you know that relief is at hand — or in this case 'at stone' — in your chiropractor's office. Pick up the phone and make that appointment now, to see how you can benefit from this revolutionary treatment approach.

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Fighting Back Against Office Back Pain

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