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Why a Children's Chiropractor May Have the Ideal Solution to Your Baby's Colic

There is nothing that frustrates a parent as much as a colicky child. The most challenging bit is that most colicky children just cry constantly, and most of the solutions that are known to work may not be as effective. Sometimes, even paediatricians tell the parents that the only solution to the problem is letting it resolve by itself. However, there is a way that this daily helplessness can be avoided—by taking the colicky child to a children's chiropractor. The good thing about this solution is that it does not involve the excessive use of medicine on your infant, and it is a one-visit process which is simple and very effective.

Causes of colic

Colic in infants is characterised by excessive crying that starts when the baby is several weeks old and does not stop for months. In addition to the crying, the baby will pull its leg towards its chest, clench its fists and turn red, as if in pain. When this happens, parent panic and try to figure out what they are doing wrong which is leading to the problem. There are some people who believe that colic is caused by a faulty digestive system and the use of formula milk. However, this theory may not be entirely true because there are breastfed babies who also get colic.

Dealing with the real cause of colic

There is a new research which has been carried out on the condition. Results indicate that colic is caused by a combination of factors. However, the most predominant one is the fact that many babies who get it have an extremely sensitive temperament, and they are unable to deal with normal stimulation on their nervous system. It was also discovered that many of the babies had an immature nervous system. As babies grow, they nervous system also does, which reduces their irritability.

How chiropractors help

With the actual cause of colic linked to an immature nervous system, it is easy to see why a chiropractor may be able to treat it. When you consult a professional contractor for the process, they will safely adjust your child, thus addressing the root cause of the colic as opposed to treating the symptoms.

When you take your child to a chiropractor, the professional will asses the child and try to determine whether they need an adjustment or not. The critical choice to make is engaging a professional chiropractor for the process. With the right assistance, your child's colic will be history.

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