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Ways Chiropractors Can Help Treat Headaches

With around 15 percent of the Australian population relying on pain medications for headaches, it's clear that an aching head is a common ailment that affects lots of people. Although medications can play a role in relieving headache symptoms, they don't treat the cause. In contrast, you may find that seeking advice from local chiropractors will prove to be helpful.

Your chiropractor can help to relieve tension in your neck

For many people who suffer from headaches, figuring out the cause isn't always possible. However, if you're the type of person who spends their day with their head in a fixed position, you may find that muscular tension in your neck is a contributing factor.

Using spinal manipulation, your chiropractor can reduce the tension in your neck. Before doing so, they'll perform a thorough safety assessment that allows them to determine whether it's an appropriate treatment for you.

Chiropractors can also offer lifestyle advice

From your diet through to the way you exercise, you might find there are lots of causes behind your aching head. Alongside performing spinal manipulation, chiropractors possess a breadth of knowledge that allows them to provide appropriate lifestyle advice. For example, they may recommend:

  • Adding certain vitamins and minerals to your diet
  • Engaging in a low-impact exercise that relieves your headaches
  • Assessing your sleep patterns and making appropriate recommendations
  • Analysing how you work and changes that'll make headaches less likely

If your chiropractor does provide suggestions on lifestyle changes, keep a diary to see if they work. If they don't, you can always return for more advice.

They can perform an analysis of your habits

Without even knowing it, you may have habits that make headaches more likely. For example, if you're clenching your jaw throughout the day or holding your shoulders in a certain way, you may damage the muscles that support your head. While doing so won't weaken them entirely, it can make life more difficult for your muscles. Similarly, should you damage said muscles, you may experience referred pain in your head.

During your consultation, your chiropractor can analyse your habits and introduce ways for you to adjust them. For example, if you do hold your shoulders in a way that isn't conducive to limiting headaches, your chiropractor will introduce relaxation techniques.

Headaches rarely make life pleasant, especially if they're affecting your day-to-day activities. If you persistently suffer from headaches and conventional treatments don't help, consider seeking advice from a chiropractor.

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